38. The Waterboy (1998)

Leonard Maltin's Rating :
Should be :

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Rotten Tomatoes Rating : 31%

Rotten Tomatoes Consensus : This is an insult to its genre with low humor and cheap gags.

Leonard says in his review : "Likeable crowd-pleasing comedy with heart. Sandler gets strong support here from Winker and Bates."

What crowd was Leonard talking about? I would like to see a crowd that was pleased by this disaster.

I like Adam Sandler, and I even like goofy movies if they are well done, but this one wasn't well done. Sandler reverted to making those crazy sounds with his voice, which really wears on you after a while.

Poorly written and poorly acted. Can't recommend this to any one over the age of twelve.