147. Blue Velvet (1986)

Leonard Maltin's Rating : 
Should be : 

IMDB Rating : 7.8

Rotten Tomatoes Rating :  94%  (with critics)   88%  (with audience)

RT Critics Consensus:  If audiences walk away from this subversive, surreal shocker not fully understanding the story, they might also walk away with a deeper perception of the potential of film storytelling.

In his review Leonard says: "Terminally weird,though flamboyantly original film about a young man's involvement in a small-town mystery involving a kinky nightclub singer, a sadistic kidnapper/drug dealer, and other swell folks. A highly individual look at the bizarre elements just behind the facade of the picture perfect American town. Too audacious to be easily dismissed, but too strange to be easily enjoyed ... yet this one of the most critically praised movies of 1986."

I'm not a big fan of David Lynch, but this iconic movie has to be seen. In addition to being an iconic film, it also has an iconic character in Frank Booth (played by Dennis Hopper).

This movie has one shocking scene after another, and this style of movie would not usually appeal to me, but I found this movie, and in particular Frank Booth,  fascinating.

Some people who watch it are not going to like it (see Roger Ebert's review), but for many others it may become one of their favorite movies.

You won't be able to tell until you see it, but I really think you should see it.

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