167. Blade Runner 2049

Leonard Maltin's Rating : ?
Should be :

IMDB Rating : 8.5

Rotten Tomatoes Rating :  88% with critics, 81% with Audience

In his review Leonard says"I admire the hard work that went into this film by a team of people who are devotees of the original and strove to do it justice. Fans and admirers will weigh in en masse, I’m sure…but I found Blade Runner 2049 long and boring. "

The title of Leonard's review was "BLADE RUNNER 2049: NOT WORTH THE WAIT"

Leonard begins his review saying: "I’ve taken more heat for my negative review of 1982’s Blade Runner than almost anything else I’ve written. I gave the film three shots as director Ridley Scott revised it over the years but it never spoke to me, beyond its obvious visual achievement. "

In 2017 Time-Out London published the results of their poll of "the leading sci-fi experts, filmmakers, science fiction writers, film critics and scientists.

The Top 10 in the poll ended up being :

1. 2001 : A Space Odyssey
2. Blade Runner
3. Alien
4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
5. Aliens
6. Star Wars
7. Brazil
8. Metropolis
9. The Terminator (1984)
10. The Empire Strikes Back

That's a pretty good list of movies. 

If I was reviewing movies, and making suggestions as to whether people should see them, I would probably have to admit to myself that I was the one that missed the boat if I gave one of these movies a bad review in light of what people who love sci-fi think of it.

But Leonard has the right to his opinion, like we all do.

I do have to admit I was a bit stunned by Leonard saying it was boring. Even if you didn't buy into the story, the beautiful look, style and production values of the movie made it a fascinating watch.

I thought Blade Runner 2049 was a great movie. It is so hard to follow a great movie, but I think that this will go down as one of the great sequels of all time.  I loved the look, and I loved the story. 

I've seen the movie three times so far, and long and boring are not words I would ever associate with this film.

Science fiction is not one of my favorite genres, but I still think that Blade Runner 2049 was  a great movie.

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