165. Wonder Woman (2017)

Leonard Maltin's Rating :  ?
Should be : 

IMDB Rating : 8.3

Rotten Tomatoes Rating :  93% with critics, 93% with Audience

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus :   Thrilling, earnest, and buoyed by Gal Gadot's charismatic performance, Wonder Woman succeeds in spectacular fashion.

In his review Leonard says"The only wonder regarding this movie is that it could be so incredibly dull. I keep hoping DC will find a key to unlock the magic inherent in its great cast of characters. "

Leonard is obviously just getting out of touch with the movie going audience. 8.3 on Imdb, and 93% with both critics and audience on Rotten Tomatoes point to a movie that is far from dull.

How great to finally have a featured female super-hero? And how about director Patty Jenkins breaking weekend box office records for a female director?

In his review Leonard says:

Could anyone find a way to make such a narrative dreary and tiresome? The answer, incredibly, is yes. Screenwriter Allan Heinberg (who devised the story with Zach Snyder and Jason Fuchs) and director Jenkins hand us a movie that bogs down in dialogue for more than two hours with far too little action. Even worse, the action itself is unreal; there is no visceral (or vicarious) response to watching Diana leaping about in shots of hand-to-hand combat. Bodies go flying through the air, as do well-aimed arrows from Amazonian bows, but it’s all so cartoonish that the human connection is lost.

We have been flooded with super-hero movies in the past couple of years, but Wonder Woman was a welcome addition to me.

It was refreshing, in the hands of a female director, to have the training and fighting skills of the female warriors emphasized rather than their looks and costumes.

I also enjoyed watching Diana as she confronted the modern world. She wasn't happy with the general who led his troops from the board room. 

A really good super-hero movie; far from being dull.

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